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WeLoop's AI takes care of business and IT support by receiving, understanding, analyzing, and qualifying user requests. It also continuously enriches knowledge bases, guaranteeing their relevance. The transfer of knowledge is thus ensured at all times.

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Clara (user)

I have a problem with the Spend per Supplier table, it doesn't seem to show the correct data, here's the screenshot:

Clara (user)

Weloop - AI consultant

I suspect a cache or session issue. Can you try connecting from Firefox?

Clara is writing...

Number of tickets processed




NPS number change



Tickets solved at first contact




Updated articles




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Your data is stored in Europe and encrypted following market best practices, whether at rest or in transit.

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Your data will not be used by an external service and will be processed and stored on our servers.

Available in cloud or on-premise versions

WeLoop can be deployed on your servers and connect to your corporate “AI” if a choice has been made by your company on this subject.

WeLoop integrates with all business solutions on the market.

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